Silver Screen Movie Club

Where seniors gather for a free movie, complimentary coffee, donuts,
door prizes and get together with friends.

Upcoming Movie Dates and Times

Lake Geneva, WI

Click on location for dates and times under the location

Visit our sponsors and pick up your free tickets for door prizes

Donations gratefully accepted for area charities!

Helping Families Program…Non-perishable food…Pet supplies…Items for local shelters.

Please Be A Patron Of Our Sponsors…

Our business sponsors contribute to make the
Silver Screen Movie Club happen.

Their contributions make it possible to provide free donuts, coffee and recently released movies for everyone.

We encourage all of our Movie Club members

To be a patron of our sponsors for any and all of their services. By doing so, you will be ensuring that we will be able to expand the Movie Club throughout 2017.

Silver Screen Movie Club is sponsored by I-Gotta-Guy, your network of local professionals serving the community (and some of these great guys are terrific gals too)!

Ask for tickets for free showings wherever you see our posters and sponsors, or call (262)903-9731, for more information. I-GOTTA-GUY